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HSI builds mobile veterinary hospitals especially for use in spay/neuter work to help control animal over- population.
Each vehicle is custom-built to the client's exact needs,
specifications, and budget. 




HSI low pricing lets you put more resources into adoptions. Perfect for increasing your visibility in the community and providing increased opportunities for adopting out animals. Special on-board attractive caging is featured as well as get-acquainted and counseling areas. 



                        DISASTER RESPONSE
HSI converts the best vehicle for your needs to use in disaster response to provide a command center to oversee animal rescue operations at fires, floods, earthquakes - any disaster involving animals. Depending on need, our command vehicles can include a triage center for short-term veterinary care.






HSI offers a wide range of vehicle products designed especially for animal care and control organizations. We specialize in converting any cargo-type vehicle to animal transport uses by installing stainless cages, sealed bulkhead, and other amenities.

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