Humane Services International, Inc.         
for animals

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  Humane Services International - HSI is a company based on over thirty years of experience in the animal care field. We understand and support your mission.

  HSI has two overriding goals: to provide the best vehicles at the
                   lowest possible cost.


HSI  Animal Care Vehicles



            *provides vehicles at the most economical pricing possible.
            *sources new (at fleet wholesale prices) or used vehicles that
             match your needs & budget, or we can convert your existing
             or donated vehicle.
            *custom-designs your vehicle to fit your needs.
            *professionally converts each vehicle with highest-quality 
              materials and fittings.
            *specializes in converting expandable-space RV's to avoid the
              cramped feeling of smaller vehicles.

            *delivers anywhere in the world.

                              *        303-258-3083

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